A great bachelorette party blends the three most important elements: alcohol, decorations, and games. Invite the right fun-loving people and you will have the kind of bachelorette party that people will talk about for years, if they could remember it.

Alcohol is available everywhere, and awesome bachelorette party decorations are easily found at Bachelorette.com. But which bachelorette party games are the most fun? That’s where we come in. We’ll talk about many of the games that are available and peel off the cellophane wrappers to let you know what they’re all about.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing games for a bachelorette party.

How many games should you plan for a party? You’ll want more than one or two, but avoid planning activities for every minute. Give guests a chance to carouse without rules for a while before it’s time to get organized for the next game. Don’t wait too long, though, or the cliques will form and you’ll never get everyone having fun together again.

Will your party be held at home, in a hall, or a bar? Will it start in one location and move to another? Many of the games will not be appropriate in one or more of these venues. For example, most of the dare games are for bars, but you won’t be pinning the junk on the hunk at your local drinking establishment. Pick the right games for the right places.

How raunchy do you want to get? Most guests are willing to bend their usual rules of appropriate behavior, but it doesn’t pay to overestimate their looseness. If she will be a guest, the mother of the groom may not be as wild as the maid of honor, or she may be even crazier. Better to think this through ahead of time than when you’re lining up shots and accosting strangers.

By paying attention to these factors, you will help assure that your choice of games add to the fun, instead of causing problems. Now let’s take a look at the games themselves. Click a category tab at the top of this page or start with the Pin the Penis games.

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