Dangle the dongus on the dingus

They aren’t original or complicated, but the bachelorette variations of Pin the Tail on the Donkey will get everyone laughing and having fun. Why? Because male emasculation is inherently humorous, especially to women. The journey from single man to husband requires the healing ministrations of a woman who has a jar all prepared to hold those pesky genitals until those rare occasions when they’re needed.

Which are the best “pin the tail” games for bachelorette parties? Here are our picks, ranked from best to not so best.

Pin The Macho On The Man

Pin the macho bachelorette party game
You know how the game is played. A player is blindfolded and spun around until dizzy. Then she walks toward the target, using her “friends’” catcalls for directions. In her hand she holds a paper cutout of a cartoon penis with a thumbtack stuck through it.
When she thinks she’s near, she takes a stab at the target and pins the penis to a photo of a naked man with a bullseye crotch. Then she removes her blindfold to see how close she got.

The game includes the Macho Man poster, 24 by 36 inches, and 25 playing pieces to pin. The Macho Man is a good-looking, young guy who sort of looks like Adam Sandler.
The playing pieces come in different cartoon penile shapes including trout, candle, golf club, vibrator, bacon & eggs, vibrator and peni in all sizes and colors. All of these pieces must be cut out of a coated paper sheet before the game can be played.
One of the funner aspects of Pin the Macho is that many pieces have little sayings and a place to write the player’s name. For example, “Here’s one for ____. A big family she’s got. If she had any sense, he’d be tied in a knot.”

Except for the tape, pins and blindfold that you supply, Pin the Macho on the Man has everything required for a bachelorette party game.

Pin the Junk on the Hunk

Pin the junk bachelorette party game
This version is very similar to Pin the Macho. One advantage, though, is that the 15 cartoon penis pieces are almost ready for play right out of the box. Just pop them out of light cardboard sheets. No cutting required. Shapes include snake, nuts & bolt, fire hose, bat & balls, hot dog & condiments, champagne & glasses, and penises. No funny sayings are printed on the pieces.

The 24- by 36-inch color poster features a twenty-something guy who could use a shave and some manscaping, but is otherwise presentable for this occasion. All you need to supply is a blindfold and pins.

Pin The Hose On The Fireman

pin the hose bachelorette party game
Everything is about the same as Pin the Junk, with a few notable exceptions. With this version, you get two guys. On one side of the poster is a Caucasian guy and the other side is an African-American. Both sport firefighting gear, amazing physiques and serious “I’m here for hot sex” expressions. (Someone is sure to suggest that you skip the game and keep the guys intact for later private viewing.) However, they are only naked to the waist. The 12 pieces are all in the shape of hoses, vaguely penis-related, and they must be cut from the sheet. No pins or blindfolds included.

Kiss the Stud Game

kiss the stud bachelorette party game

This is definitely the PG version of these games. No penises are involved, just cute little kissy lips. The guy on the poster is a lame drawing, not a photograph, and he’s wearing boxers! Even Grandma will be disappointed. Do the kisses go on the guy’s mouth or his hidden nether regions? Who cares? It’s time to play something a lot more fun than this.

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