Truth or Dare Plus Drinking

A bachelorette party is a good opportunity to push things beyond the usual limits. You’ll get drunker than usual, say rude things, and act inappropriately. Later you can have regrets, but the party is the time to cut loose.

But how do you break through the confines of social convention without seeming like the kind of dipwad who says things like “breaking the confines of social convention”? By using bachelorette “dare” games. These coated-stock playing cards instruct players to do and say outrageous things. And you must do them, because the card says so!

We have reviewed seven of these games here. Most are designed to be played in a bar. Their rules usually add to the fun, but can be easily ditched for the “just pick a card and do what it says” approach. People who are compelled consult the official rules are not ideal candidates for these games.

Once your dare game arrives, review the cards to familiarize yourself. Are the rules worth learning and following? Is the tone of the game right for your crowd? Are there any cards that should be removed for safety or decorum? (Will someone in your crowd take the instruction to “give a guy a blow job” literally?) Do you want to add any dares? By going through the game cards ahead of time, you can head off trouble later.

Here’s what we thought of the games. We didn’t really rank them, since each one is just right for a slightly different crowd. However, one game stands out as particularly bad. Let’s start there.

Bachelorette Dares
Dare bachelorette party game

Although this is a bar game, some of the 52 cards are meant to be used at a karaoke bar, strip joint, or adult novelty store. Most of those specialty cards are pretty lame, or don’t make a lot of sense. The bar cards are OK, just not very funny or clever. Some will get you followed by creeps for the rest of the night.

One card in particular is spectacularly strange. The card says, “Ask the bartender, ‘Can you make me a douche? I hear it’s refreshing.’” Wow. Where do you go from there? Probably out the door and into the street.

Other cards include:

  • Order a drink with a lewd name such as a Horny Girl Scout.
  • Get five guys' phone numbers in case the groom gets cold feet.
  • Ask a guy if you can tell his fortune. Examine his palm and say, "You are going to buy me a drink." (That one’s not bad.)

Bachelorette Dares could be fun if the players add their own twists to the cards’ instructions.

Dare to Have Fun
 dare to have fun bacheloretteparty game
This game has the bachelorette party interacting with the entire bar. We recommend that you not get too drunk while playing this, or that you have a bouncer ready to protect you, because you will be coming on to guys left and right. Will the guys know that it’s all in fun? That depends on how nice and/or drunk they are.

The game could be a lot of fun in the right establishment. Except for a “chug a beer” card, the game doesn’t ask players to drink. There are four “create your own dare” cards. There isn’t much sense in culling out the extreme cards from this deck since they are all over the top.

There are 50 dares in all, including:
  • Get a married guy’s phone number.
  • Ask a guy how “big” he is. (15 extra points if he shows you.)
  • Flash your boobies to a group of guys.

Drink Master Says

Technically, this isn’t a bachelorette dare game, but it works so well for every occasion that it would be a shame to leave it out. It is a fun, hardcore drinking game that 2 to 9 people can play in any setting. One person is named the Drink Master, and what she says goes. The Drink Master interprets all rules and settles all disputes.

Drink Master Says bachelorette party game

The rules seem a little complicated for a drinking game but they are easily mastered, adapted, or even completely ignored. The cards, creatively written, speak for themselves.

For example:

  • Whenever anyone speaks they must end every sentence with “sport,” “champ” or “buddy.”
  • Whenever a player talks, they must sing what they say.
  • Players must use profanity every time they speak.
  • After every drink, players should finish with a quote from a movie.

How do you know if you’ve won Drink Master Says? Ask yourself, am I drunk? If the answer is yes, you win!

Bachelorette Bar Challenge

This game certainly isn’t very original, but it does seem fun and easy to play. It encourages drinking but does not dare you to ask men to drag you out behind the trash cans.

Still there are some suggestive dares, such as:
  • Locate a man who will give you a lap dance.
  • Locate a man who will try on your bra.
  • Locate a man who will talk dirty to you in a foreign language.
  • Kiss someone you wouldn’t normally kiss sober.

Like with any of these games, the guests are really making their own fun. This one seems to get the ball rolling quite nicely.

Bachelorette Wild Night Cards
Wild Night bachelorette party game

This is one of the few games that can be played at home or at the bar. There’s more “truthing” involved than with most of these games.

For example:

  • Tell your friends about the naughtiest place you have ever gotten it on.
  • Explain the sexiest part of your husband, fiancé or boyfriend.
  • What is the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you in the bedroom?

There are some cards that are designed for a bar, so if that’s your venue, this game will work fine too.

Girls Night Out Party Vows & Dares
Girls night out bachelorette party game

This is one of the prettier card sets. The game is packaged in a cute box and the 72 cards look like invitations, not playing cards. But attractiveness aside, Girls Night Out is as outrageous as any of the dare games. As the name suggests, it should be played at the bar or out on the town, where you can dare each other to talk to all types of guys.

Sample cards:

  • Ask a guy at the bar with a fresh beer if you can lick the head off the top.
  • Chat up a guy until he asks you out on a date.
  • Sprinkle pepper on your teeth and then go talk to a guy.

Bachelorette Party Drinking Dice

This game dares you to drink excessively, which you can do at home or at the bar.
Players take turns rolling both dice, carrying out various actions and assigning drinks.
Here are the instructions on each die:

  • Imitate
  • To the left
  • To the right
  • Brunettes only
  • Blondes only
  • Toast

  • 1 drink
  • 2 drinks
  • Roller’s choice
  • Dirty dance
  • Toast
  • Impose a rule

This keeps the whole dare concept simple and easy to follow. Throw the dice, drink, laugh, talk. Repeat. Sounds like fun to us.

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